BIO-TIC: Your Gateway to the European Bio-economy

The BIO-TIC partnering platform is a cooperation platform that provides access to thousands of companies, universities, research institutions and various other stakeholders of the European biobased community. This free information and communication service is offered by the BIO-TIC consortium to encourage cooperation, joint research and technology transfer. The platform will enable you to find and contact potential cooperation and business partners across Europe in order to strengthen the European bioeconomy.



  • The presentations of the following webinars can be downloaded after log-in.
    BIO-TIC Business Case: Biosurfactants
    BIO-TIC Business Case: Chemical Building Blocks
    BIO-TIC Business Case: CO2
    European Bioeconomy revisited: How far have we come?
    BIO-TIC Business Case: Advanced Biofuels
    Where next: Industrial Biotechnology?
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  • BRUSSELS, June 23rd, 2015, the BIO-TIC project has launched its final roadmap for tackling barriers to industrial biotechnology in Europe entitled ‘The bioeconomy enabled – A roadmap to a thriving industrial biotechnology sector in Europe’. The roadmap was introduced at the project’s high level policy conference. According to the BIO-TIC partners, the EU market for industrial biotechnology-derived products is expected to increase from 28 billion euro in 2013 to 50 billion euro in 2030. This growth will be largely driven by …
  • BIO-TIC is proud to announce the publication of its final roadmap “A roadmap to a thriving industrial biotechnology sector in Europe” The roadmap focuses on the market potential, R&D priorities and non-technological hurdles of IB innovation in Europe. It formulates action plans on how the various stakeholders can work together to overcome the major current and future issues that hamper the huge potential that IB for Europe to be realized.


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