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The BIO-TIC partnering platform is a cooperation platform that provides access to thousands of companies, universities, research institutions and various other stakeholders of the European biobased community.

This free information and communication service is offered by the BIOTIC consortium to encourage cooperation, joint research and technology transfer. The platform will enable you to find and contact potential cooperation and business partners across Europe in order to strengthen the European bioeconomy.



  • EU and industry leaders have launched a new European Joint Undertaking (JU) on Bio-based Industries (BBI) on July 9th. €3.7 billion will be injected into the European economy between 2014 and 2024 - €975 million from the European Commission and €2.7 billion from the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) - to develop an emerging bioeconomy sector. The aim is to trigger investments and create a competitive market for bio-based products and materials sourced locally and "Made in Europe", tackling some of Europe’s biggest societal challenges.
  • The huge potential of Industrial Biotechnology as a key transformative technology in Europe can only be achieved by developing concrete actions to overcome still existing hurdles. A series of business case specific workshops will be held in late 2014 to examine what could be done to overcome hurdles in IB. Stakeholder engagement is crucial in ensuring that actions are developed which best fit the needs of this sector. Join the workshops and help to pave the way for a successful IB in Europe.
  • BIO-TIC is proud to announce the public launch of three “bio-Roadmaps” focusing on the market potential, R&D priorities and non-technological hurdles of IB innovation in Europe. The BIO-TIC roadmaps formulate action plans on how the various stakeholders can work together to overcome the major current and future issues that hamper the huge potential that IB for Europe to be realized. The current version (April 2014) is the second draft of the roadmaps. The final roadmaps, which will be available in July 2015, will show the relationship between potential market developments, R&D needs, regulatory and non-technological aspects impacting on IB innovation.
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