Content of the BIO-TIC Partnering Platform

The BIO-TIC Partnering Platform aims to provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the bio-industry in Europe and to help you to find and contact potential business and cooperation partners. BIO-TIC will give you an overview of the activities of the European bio-economy and access to the following sources of information:


Organization database

This database lists over 3,000 companies, research institutions, networks, federations, associations and public authorities active in the European bio-economy. You can obtain their address and contact information and also quick access to their products, services, offers and requests. A company profile on the platform is based on the following text fields and classifications:

  • Description of organization (executive summary)
  • Type of organization
  • Business model
  • Industry & application sectors
  • NACE code
  • Biobased products & services
  • Fields of biotechnology (OECD classification), etc.


Expert database

Experts are presented on the BIO-TIC Platform with the following information they themselves provide:

  • Postal address
  • Telecommunication data (e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, links to their social networks)
  • Description of their expertise, position and function
  • Presentation of their offers and requests and their uploaded documents, e.g. their CV
  • List of search terms selected from the classifications provided (fields of science, OECD classification for biotechnology, industry and application sectors, biobased products and services, etc.


Offers and requests database

Experts can provide a structured description of their offers and requests on the platform. All offers/requests can be described using various internationally accepted classifications and also texts and uploaded documents. Classifications include:

  •  Development status & IP status
  • Industry & application sectors
  • Offer description (executive summary)
  • Technical description
  • Industrial application
  • Innovation/added value make it quick and simple for you to systematically locate relevant offers and requests.


Events database

You will surely be interested in an overview of relevant events relating to the bio-economy worldwide. BIO-TIC offers all users the chance to list interesting events at no charge. The events are entered in the structured list of the events database and can be selectively searched via various classifications. Besides the event information you would generally expect to find, BIO-TIC informs you which registered BIO-TIC users will be taking part in a specific event. You can then contact these persons directly for a meeting at the event.


Funding programmes and awards database

European and national funding programmes systematically promote the European bio-economy. Are you aware of all the funding options relevant for you? Probably not. The BIO-TIC Platform aims to provide an overview to help you to find the right funding programme for you. The following information on funding programmes published on the BIO-TIC Platform includes:

  • Description of the funding programme (executive summary)
  • Link to the funding programme
  • Region supported (local, regional, national, European, etc.)
  • Type of support (grant, investment, loan…)
  • Organisation supported (companies, universities, research organisations, individuals, etc.)
  • Max. funding volume
  • Industry & Application sector, etc.


Project database

The project database presents publicly funded projects. The description includes the following parameters:

  • Project description (executive summary)
  • Project status (completed, ongoing, accepted
  • Project coordinator
  • Link to the project, etc.


Job database

The job database gives you access to job offers that could be of interest for the bio-economy. An executive summary, uploaded documents and the following classifications provide a detailed description of the jobs offered:

  • Type of employment (executive/board, head of department, doctoral thesis, internship, etc.)
  • Contract type (full-time, part-time, permanent, etc.)
  • Position (administration, finance, marketing, R&D, etc.)
  • Required qualifications (degree, languages, skills, etc.)
  • Scope of work (communications, business development, manufacturing & production, project management, R&D, etc.)
  • Foreign / leadership experience, etc.

You, too, can enter information on the above-mentioned areas. Support BIO-TIC! Register now and let us know about bio-economy activities that you find interesting. Use of the BIO-TIC platform and entries are free of charge.

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