I. Publish Your Profile

Publish a dedicated profile to inform other experts about your activities, resources and networking aims. Your profile is displayed in the listing of experts, and all information included is fully searchable. Your profile offers all the functionalities to the other participants to contact you and to send you meeting invitations for private face-to-face meetings.

Upload informative descriptions of your personal expertise, your company, technologies, products and processes to the BIO-TIC system to enable potential cooperation and business partners to rapidly identify your profile and to contact you.

Use as many synonyms and acronyms as possible as well as the classifications given to describe your partnering goals, offers and requests to the best advantage. Your profile will be displayed in search result lists. All information entered in the database is fully searchable. Your profile comprises your Personal Profile, your Corporate Profile and Offer & Request Profiles.


1. Your Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile presents your current professional responsibilities and general expertise. It is your online business card, enabling other experts to contact you directly. We kindly invite you to edit the following minimum information before sending your first meeting requests and messages:

  • your expertise (summary description, industry sectors, interest groups, etc.)
  • position / function (e.g. CEO, CBO, CSO, etc.)
  • fields of activity (e.g. corporate management, sales & marketing, manufacturing, etc.)
  • fields of sciences your are active in
  • activities in social communities (specific links to your LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, google profiles)
  • business address and communication details

Furthermore, you can upload documents, presentations and your personal photo.

Upload your personal photo now so that other experts will recognise you during events that you are attending.


2. Your Corporate Profile

Your Corporate Profile presents an overview of your organisation, including its products, services, offers and requests. You can upload brochures and technical documentation to complete it. Your Corporate Profile lists information about:

  • postal address and communication data
  • your colleagues that have already registered with BIO-TIC
  • type of organisation (e.g. authority, association/cluster, industry, university, etc.)
  • business model (e.g. manufacturer, supplier, service provider, etc.)
  • marketing rights offered /sought / in (country classification)
  • industrial & application sectors (e.g. biological sciences, energy, industrial engineering, materials technology, etc.)
  • biobased products & services (e.g. biocomposites, biobased chemicals, biofuels, enzymes, etc.)
  • Feedstocks provided
  • biotechnology fields, e.g. bioinformatics, DNA/RNA, cell culture, etc.


3. Your Offers & Requests

This section enables you to promote your offers and requests to the partnering community. You can create specific online presentations for your offers or requests and attach pictures, documents, technology descriptions, product information and company brochures. All attached documents (Word, pdf, etc.) will be indexed are searchable. Your Offer & Request Profiles are displayed in a dedicated search section and they are also displayed in your Personal Profile and your Corporate Profile. Your Offer & Request profile contains information about:

  • Type of offer/request (product, service, process, etc.)
  • Development status (in research, in development, on the market, etc.)
  • IP status (patent pending, patent granted, patent expired, etc.)
  • Offer/Request available for (manufacturing agreement, sales & marketing, establishing a joint enterprise or partnership, etc.)
  • Relevant to the following industrial & application sectors (industrial manufacturing, materials technology, micro and nanotechnology, etc.)
  • Relevant to the following types of biobased products & services (biocomposites, bio-based chemicals, biofuels, biolubricants, etc.)


II. The BIO-TIC search engine

The BIO-TIC search engine combines a search through all the websites of the organizations registered with a search through the information entered in the database by experts (users), including all the documents uploaded to the platform.

It offers you multiple possibilities to run highly selective searches and to navigate the results to identify the most appropriate expert Profiles. All information listed, including the attached PDFs and documents, is fully searchable.

Access the up-to-date listings of organizations and experts to identify business prospects and networking candidates matching your professional interests and needs. The Search section offers you detailed Profiles of organisations, experts, their products, services, offers and requests.  Furthermore BIO-TIC informs you about funding programmes / awards, funded projects, events and job offers.


III. Meet me

Do you often wonder who you will be likely to meet at an event? “Meet me” helps you to find other event participants prior to the event and to invite them to meet you at the event. It goes without saying that other participants will find you in turn and invite you to meet them.

How can you use this service? It’s quite simple:

Search the Events List for events you plan to attend. Click on the icon “I am going to attend this event”. If the event you plan to attend is not yet listed on the Events List, you can enter it on a form.

Make the most of this opportunity to contact potential business and cooperation partners and invite them to a meeting in the run-up to an event.

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