Partnering Platform


The BIO-TIC partnering platform offers you a comprehensive portfolio of services to develop your business and network with experts and decision-makers of the European bio-based community. The earlier you start your BIO-TIC activities online, the better your chances to get in contact with potential cooperation and business partners. Upload informative descriptions of your expertise, organisation, technologies, products and processes to the BIO-TIC Partnering System to enable potential cooperation and business partners to rapidly identify your profile. Use as many synonyms and acronyms as possible as well as the classifications given to describe your offers and requests to the best advantage.


Publish your Profile to promote yourself and your organisation and advertise your products, services, requests ...

Publish a comprehensive business profile to inform other users about your activities, assets and resources. Other users can view your profile which offers various functionalities to other users to get in contact with you.



Search the BIO-TIC partnering platform for business prospects, networking opportunities, projects, funding opportunities, events, jobs…

Get access to relevant experts, organizations, offers / requests and more. The online catalogue offers you detailed profiles of the registered users, published offers and requests, listed events, funding programmes/awards and job offers/requests.



Identify and contact potential cooperation and business partners before attend an event

Do you often wonder who you will be likely to meet at an event? The BIO-TIC “Meet me” functionality helps you to find other event participants before the event and to invite them to meet you at the event. It goes without saying that other participants will find you in turn and invite you to meet them.



Organise your personal Favorite Listings

Create your personal listings of shortcuts to organisations, experts, offers and requests … which match your interests. Use these listings to send messages and to be informed about your network.



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