BIO-TIC roadmaps

Despite the major drivers for its application in tackling some of the huge modern global societal challenges including climate change, dwindling fossil fuel resources and the need for the development of a more sustainable and resource-efficient industry, several hurdles continue to hamper the full exploitation of Industrial Biotechnology’s (IB) potential today.The BIO-TIC project is “a solutions approach” centred on an extensive exercise comprehensively examining these many innovation hurdles in IB across Europe and formulating action plans and recommendations to overcome them.


For that purpose, three roadmaps are being developed. The current version is the second draft of the roadmaps and is based on literatures study, more than 60 interviews with experts and on the information collected through 8 regional workshops. The final roadmaps (to be available in July 2015) will show the relationship between potential market developments, R&D needs, regulatory and non-technological aspects impacting on IB innovation. The BIO-TIC roadmaps will serve to highlight these areas and formulate action plans on how the various stakeholders can work together to overcome the major current and future issues that hamper the huge potential that IB for Europe to be realised.


Market Roadmap

The BIO-TIC market roadmap provides an overview of the current state of the industrial biotechnology market in the EU and evaluates its growth potential through to 2030. The market roadmap describes the value chain composition of each of the five BIO-TIC product categories. In addition, it outlines their expected market shares in 2030.

The assumptions used to establish the market projections are closely linked to the stakeholders involved in the market creation. This is where the market roadmap contributes to the technological and non-technological roadmaps: it helps to identify R&D needs and policy or regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to realise each business case’s market potential.

The latest version of the market roadmap can be downloaded here.


Technological Roadmap

The BIO-TIC technological roadmap identifies the research and development needs for large-scale deployment of industrial biotechnology in Europe by 2030. The technological roadmap examines immediate and long-term requirements to ensure the successful up-scaling of industrial biotechnology processes used in each business case.

This roadmap contributes to the market and non-technological roadmaps by setting the top research and development priorities, in order to realise the market potential of industrial biotechnology and to ensure political support for biological conversion processes.

The latest version of the technological roadmap can be downloaded here.


Non-technological roadmap

The BIO-TIC non-technological roadmap highlights the non-technical issues that limit the uptake of industrial biotechnology in the EU.

This roadmap outlines the concrete policy and regulatory actions required to foster the induction and development of industrial biotechnology in general and of each of the business cases more specifically. The non-technological roadmap contributes to the market and technological roadmaps by providing the necessary supportive policy framework for overcoming market entry barriers and current technical shortcomings in the industrial biotechnology field.

The latest version of the non-technological roadmap can be downloaded here.

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